60th Anniversary of USSH Development

Prf. Dr. Ha Minh Hong

A look backwards

The USSH's educational history has lasted 60 years since 1957, yet the current campus, hoards a fascinating story. A comparision can be made if it can be written down in a multi-paged epitome whose seperate chapter tells a historical period of this city. 

It has been more than half of a century since the time when the University of Letters was founded in Saigon. At present, how can we find out those traces of time in the course of the ups-and-downs history?

Some images to envisage the history of USSH with 1,1 hectare yard,
and the value of the K building on its historical architecture.

The USSH Party Committee issued a Resolution to prepare the 60th anniversary of the USSH's foundation.

On July 30th 2013, a Resolution to prepare 60th anniversary of the USSH's foundation was issued.

The Resolution confirms that USSH whose predecessor was the University of Letters (1957), a member of Institute of Saigon, has lasted a sixty-year history. From 1976 to 1996, the University was merged to be part of the University of Hochiminh city, which educated disciplines of social sciences and humanities. From 1996, the University was renamed the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, a division of Vietnam National University HCMC. Through one half of a century, USSH has had a reputation for its significant contribution to the national education, left inspiring hallmarks including making major contributions to the national emanicipation revolution's success as well as the national reforms, and being deserving to expectations from countrymen.

Currently, the University becomes one of two biggest Vietnamese training and research centers on the domain of social sciences and humanities. It implemented the 2011-2015 strategy with the motto “standardization, modernization and international integration” to boost its research's woks. However, USSH also keeps its own identities when cooperating with Southeast Asian universities.

Taking a glance at 60 years of history is to sum up its notable achievements to our society, which reminds present lecturers, staff and students of the common tradition, pride and responsibility. The anniversary will raise deep understanding on the university culture in harmony with the national conventions and modernity. The event is supposed to optimize available conditions for intellectuals keeping their creativity and contributions.

The Resolution is aimed at making careful preparations for the important event.

Main contents of the Resolution

Firstly, as for collecting of historical documents for 60th anniversary, some works are needed finishing: composing and publishing of historical compendiums, books throughout the period University of Letters- HCMC University – The University of Social Sciences and Humanities; the constructing a room for traditional values (Room of fame) to store memorable items from lecturers and students; the constructing of monumental areas to help remind of USSH students' activities in the emancipation war. 

Secondly, as for a summary of research and educational outcomes, some works  are needed to summarize USSH's successes during the years. In fact, USSH has made great contributions to build to the national educational systems. In the collection, it is necessary to classify, do statistical calculations on scientific works and awards of lecturers and students. Then, it is essential to summarize its considerable influences on the society and the national education.

Thirdly, a construction of landscapes and spaces which emphasizes artistic values including statues, lakes and green belt of trees.

Fourthly, a set of standards to cultured behaviors is formulated to ask for lecturers, employees and students to follow with a regard to  available laws and regulations. The set should be cleverly designed for disciplines of social sciences and humanities. The set will shape decent attitudes, behaviors among USSH employees. Therefore, the USSH can be highly valued by the society and community.

Fifthly, it is important to have recognitions with benchmarks to valuable contributions. 
USSH students are always pioneers in social activities. 
Photo: HoChiMinh Communist Youth Union in HoChiMinh

Sixthly, public relations can help ask for supports from alumni, former lecturers and employees to different anniversary's activities.

Etiquettes to hand down the traditional flag in the new schoolyear ceremony 2012-2013

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